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About InkWelle / Contact Us
InkWelle Productions is a team of Second Life enthusiasts with technical and marketing careers in Real Life. The combined experience of the members includes programming and scripting, photography and design, writing and editing, and PR and marketing.   Visit us in Second Life!

Katie Welles

Davie Zinner

Tawny Houston

Don Jano


Our Mission
Our mission is to create and provide quality products for Second Life residents, and to align ourselves with the other quality-minded Second Life scripters and artisans for the benefit of our customers.

Contact InkWelle
The best way to contact the InkWelle team is to send an IM to Katie Welles in world, or to send her an email. In your mesaage, please state the nature of your request so that Katie can help you more quickly.

We look forward to serving you!


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