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InkWelle BookBox Organization System

The InkWelle BookBox Organization System is a scripted system to help you store your inventory in a way that allows you to share it with others. Why carry your inventory around with you when you can store it in BookBox?

You can use it as a personal storage system to hold your collections of textures, clothing, animations, notecards, or objects. This is an excellent way to "offload" your infrequently used inventory in a way that is easy to sort through and retrieve individual items later.

BookBox not only stores your items and gives you a convenient way to retrieve and share items, it also maintains a usage log. This is an excellent way to determine what items in your inventory you and your group members are using. (Note that this system does NOT change item permissions -- non-transferable items can not be shared.)

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Easy Storage and Item Access
Store your animations, notecards, textures, clothing, and objects in the BookBox Organization system. You can set the BookBox to share with your group or others, or secure the items by turning the extra access off. Click on the box to run through a list of you items, and rez, copy, or take the items as you want. Or use the special "Find" feature to have BooBox go right to the item you're looking for.

Review Your Textures
BookBox displays each of your textures for you, so you can match the name with the texture without having to open the file. Excellent for builders or for shared texture collections!

Automated Shelf Placement
Precisely positioning things onto a surface can be tricky in Second Life. That's why the BookBox Organization System has a menu to automatically pull the boxes off the shelves and to put them back on. Rearrange them any way you like!

Beautifully Decorative Bookcase and Books
With textures made with photographs of 65 hardcover books, each of the eight boxes on the shelf are made to look realistic from any angle, on or off the shelf. Each box has books that are in a single genre, such as programming, classics, or popular fiction. And these scripted boxes are designed to self-repair if ever you accidentally overwrite the textures.

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