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InkWelle Dynamic Sign

The InkWelle Dynamic Sign provides an eye-catching way to creatively present your signs and messages in Second Life. We feel that the huge rotating billboards around SL invite resentment from residents because so very often these signs ruin the beauty of residential neighborhoods. Our answer to that issue is a smaller billboard with over 50 scripted transitions to make it something that your potential customers will stop to watch and may even invite others to come and see. You can restrict the access to the control of the sign to just yourself or your group, or leave it available for anyone in SL.

The surface of the InkWelle Dynamic Sign is made up of multiple triangular blocks that automatically resize and offset textures, and which transition between textures in an artistic and interesting way. The sign operates when an avatar is within visual range.

For more information and for technical support, please IM Davie Zinner. You can see a demo of the InkWelle Dynamic Sign at the InkWelle Store.

See Pictures of the InkWelle Dynamic Sign in action...
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Visit the InkWelle Store and see the in-store demo...

Watch the movie!

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