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InkWelle Particle Designer

The InkWelle Particle Designer is a tool that allows you to interactively design a particle system using your own particles that you load into the system, then output a script that you can use in your in-world objects. It is controlled by clicking buttons or accessing a menu.

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  • The owner can configure the InkWelle Particle Designer to be useable by just the owner, the owner's group, or everyone.

  • To set up, rez the Particle Designer console, or wear the Particle Designer HUD.

  • The Particle Designer comes with a small number of sample particle textures in its inventory that you are free to use. Load your own textures into the system to use too!

  • The "Help…" button turns on the context help system. When the Help button is selected, click on another button to see help text about that feature.

  • When you have designed the particles that you like, you can obtain the LSL script for it by pressing this button. A complete script will be written to chat output. You can cut the text of the script from chat history (Ctrl-H) into a script, which can then be installed into any object to re-create the particle effect.

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