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InkWelle Particle Designer
InkWelle Particle Designer -- Screenshots

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Detail of the Particle Designer Panel buttons

The Particle Designer--the emitter is the ball at the top. It also comes with a separate detached emitter sphere.

Detail of the Particle Designer HUD used with the detached emitter sphere. (The "bonfire" sample particle effect is shown.)

InkWelle Particle Designer: Main Menu

InkWelle Particle Designer: Samples Menu

Context-based Help -- click on the Help button on the panel, then click on any other button and a description of that button will come up in a dialog as shown here.

Hover Text shows the current particle count and the details of the currently active feature--in this case the "End Alpha" value. (The "fountain" sample particle effect is shown.)

Click on the "Write Script" button and it will output the full text for you to copy and paste into your script. Put the script in your emitter object and you're set!

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